The Slow Walk to Tyranny                                                                            Octoberber 02, 2018

   Why are magicians so successful?,...they have you concentrate on one thing while doing                                                                         another, right under your nose.                                                

U.S. Citizens must now prepare themselves for a slow purging of Liberalism and non white human beings from the country. Ford's allegations are not at issue (I don't care about youthful indiscretions). What we should care about is that in the regular hearings Kavanaugh showed himself to be a partisan hack and LCTC Party operative. He is a liar, more accurately an obfuscator, at least 6 times to our count. For instance, stolen Democrat E-mails, not taking part in torture policy, on and on and on. Replay the hearing yourself, I think the only true statement he made was regurgitating his name. 

I have no doubt, the most enjoyable time in his long career was the time working with Starr to take down Clinton. How will such a Partisan rule on the Supreme Court? 

The LCTC party is in the death throes and they know it. That's why they must install these lifetime appointments so they can purge the United States of liberalism and have an Evangelical white supremacist agenda. 

This is how it happens...With Erdoğan in Turkey, he is first elected democratically and then enacts his slow walk to tyranny..The Press is marginalized with lies, scapegoating and even jailing. Then comes the border closings, halting immigration. Now he needs a phony national tragedy... The "coup" that was put down in a few short hours. It's all about being Democratically elected ...eliminating norms.. and then under the guise of a referendum installing yourself as dictator. He can now claim it was the people's choice...Sound familiar? buckle up!!!

Kavanaugh does not believe in a President being indicted in the only hope for Triple B-45 is to NOT leave office. He's safe now for at least the next 20 years while Kavanaugh is on the bench.

Obama's cry of "elections have consequences" doesn't even scratch the surface. I would add that "Candy Crush, Pokémon Go and undiscerning people on Social Media have now caused the slow walk to destroying the United States of America.

Laugh all ya want....

You couldn't put down the iphones for 2 hours to you've lost your country for the foreseeable future.

Ya know,..not for nothing, but has anyone figured out what  Triple B-45 and his handler Putin talked about for that 2 hour meeting in Helsinki. I mean is anyone ever going to look into that?.


KJ O'Coin


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Wake the Hell Up!                                                                                               September 24, 2018

I don't know how many more blunders I can take from CNN before I just delete the channel from my cable package.

How many more times do you need proof of the Cheating and Lies from the LCTC Party as we see from the CNN interview of LCTC women operatives. They're conniving scumbags, but smart enough to dupe CNN.

Randi Kaye, at least her producers should be severely sanctioned. This is why the Right is going to win the war on their screams about "Fake News". I'm appalled.

Were fighting for our lives to save the meaning of truth and they're screwing around with *un-vetted interviews. Wake the Hell Up!!

There's a dangerous movement in our country. It's something that many of us have been shouting from the roof tops and that is, that the Evangelicals, or The Christian Right are proving themselves to be the hypocrites that we always knew they were.

Evangelicals, or The Christian Right know nothing about the "Word" but you can't expect much from an organization whose business model is based on bilking senior citizens out of their social security checks.

Case In Point; "What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?" J.C. circa 31AD

Don't take it from me, take it from a man who knows and tells the Truth. A man who was dragged around the countryside for decades preaching the "Word."... Frank Schaeffer.

Here's my truth. Bishop William Barber and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove are among the very few people that have kept me from letting go of the one thin thread I have left for rethinking my Christian Roots.

I think it's time to appeal to Cambridge and Oxford in the UK to have the human genus taxonomy changed to Homo Hypocrisien.

KJ O'Coin

* new word 2016 


Here are a couple of companies we are associated with. Join for free or purchase some great products.  No charge to browse-just click the pics.