Democrats Support Constitutional Pillars                                            Republicans Support Saudi Killers*                                                              October 21, 2018

I was told many years ago just to watch people. It has served me well....                                                                                   So watch Trump and Kushner now scramble to save their cash cow.

Kushner is feeling a hot flash from his spine to the top of his head as he sees his corrupt practices to save his 666 Fifth Ave. building become exposed. His Sheik buddy is under attack...therefore, so are his finances. Kushner was caught, during the transition installing secure secret lines of communication away from the US Intelligence agencies so he and his Father in law (Triple B-45) could personally line their pockets. They could care less that some desert dweller was chopped up and put into a bag. They are both Scumbags and thieves who need to be JAILED.

So let's get at the truth, What more proof do you need than the LCTC party controlling all 3 branches and still can't overturn the ACA after being the only thing they've talked about for eight years now. Thank GOD for their incompetence. Oh they're picking it apart alright, but that's because they have no plan of their own. These scum bags can't conceive of helping anyone who isn't a billionaire donor.

So, Vote for your Children, because they can't vote for Themselves.

It's obvious Republicans want to take away your healthcare...Defund Medicare and Medic-Aid while they line their Masters pockets with your tax money

and buy $31,000.00 tables and spend millions on private jets to private venues that have nothing to do with the Country's business. Let's Get Something F**King Straight. Trump wasn't voted in by the American People....Hillary was. It was the Electoral College and PUTIN that installed this Illegitimate President. Just like 2000 where Gore won the Election, but Scalia installed "W". Republican (LCTC) corruption is sickening. Voter suppression is election tampering. When will these A**holes be jailed.

Just as a side note:, I can't believe how Democrats just keep picking up the LCTC Party's talking points. They couldn't find their own if it slapped them in the face.  It's not Obamacare it's the ACA, they're not entitlements, they're earned benefits. Every Dem should change the narrative to earned benefits now and forever. NEVER STOP SAYING IT. I get so frustrated when such good people are so ineffectual.

KJ O'Coin 

*Morning Joe October ‎19, ‎2018


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Introducing.....                                                                                                              October 19, 2018  The Independent Progressive Party 2020                                                      Restoring Truth, Integrity & Ethics to the United States Government

Here's the Dream Team of common sense. They are a collection of Bi Partisan human beings that represent both Centrist, Progressive Left and Non-Insane Right issues. All believe that immigrants are not our enemies, children should not be separated from their parents and locked up in cages, (I would suggest nothing less than state sanctioned kidnapping and Gestapo tactics).Obviously they are Pro rule of law and U.S. patriots that have honestly reviewed their positions over the last couple of years under the Clown Presidency.

They have proven their mettle in the caldron of the media sphere with humor and humility. These people spend their time calling out the blowhards and speaking truth to power with Backbone and Proof.

None of them are Liars, Cheaters, Thieves or Criminals. A complete 180 degree change from the current Administration, House and soon to be S.C.O.T.U.S.

KJ O'Coin


Here are a couple of companies we are associated with. Join for free or purchase some great products.  No charge to browse-just click the pics.


Reality Not Lies                                                                                                    Octoberber 07, 2018

  Thanks Obama                                                                                                                                                                               

It's hard for me to figure, but is there anyone with half a brain cell still out there that doesn't believe that President Obama is fully 100% responsible for saving America from the


complete economic destruction handed to him by Bush's LCTC Party?. Just look at the trend lines you idiots.?. The Bloviating Buffoon Blatherskite currently in office has nothing to do with any of this David Cay Johnston puts it, "He doesn't know anything about anything". He's just taking credit for Obama's good works. You know, like putting his name on a building that he had nothing to do with building.

Hey  Triple B-45 need to get on your knees and kiss President Obama's boots, with or without your MAGA hats on.

I'm fully aware that this graph is a little hard for you Trump Supporters to understand, so I have a suggestion. You need to study real hard..go back to school and try and get your grade 5, preferably in another country that actually has an education system and that pays no credence to Evangelicals. Maybe then you can emerge with some critical thinking.

Also, you'll hopefully become a proper parent and not take your children to a Triple B-45 rally. Idiots raising idiots. If you think taking your kids to see and hear the spew from this despicable scumbag con man is something you want to teach your children, then there's no hope for reconciliation.

KJ O'Coin 

Here are a couple of companies we are associated with. Join for free or purchase some great products.  No charge to browse-just click the pics.