The Re-Branding of the GOP                    August 24, 2018

A Brief History of The Republican Criminal Empire

Nixon - Watergate the nightmare that keeps on giving.                                                                                                                                                                                  Spiro Agnew- Nixon V.P. resigns over tax evasion.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ford - Pardons Nixon, Justice Eluded for rich white guys.                                                                                                                                                                          Reagan - Iran Contra, Oliver North takes the fall.                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bush 1-False Claims about Perot's daughter during the election.                                                                                                                                                                        Bush 2 - Illegal Iraq War. No evidence of WMD's so show cartoon pictures instead.                                                                                                                                V.P. Cheney- Outing Valerie Plame a CIA agent, putting her life in jeopardy and having his chief of Staff Scooter Libby take the fall.          Trump - Liar, money launderer and Bloviating, Buffoon Blatherskite. "Triple B-45" - Well earned.   

GOP to LCTC Party

There needs to be a complete re-branding of the GOP to the LCTC Party.                                                                                                                            (They love branding things so this is right in their wheel house)

Liars  it's obvious, collusion, obstruction of justice. It seems the entire party, post McCain are aiding and abetting this criminal administration.

Cheaters  you need the visual acuity of a Borg to figure out the district mapping they've created. The denial of President Obama's SCOTUS pick with almost a year left on his term. Purging citizens from voter rolls.

Thieves Tom Price, Scott Pruitt, Chris Collins, Duncan Hunter etc, etc, etc.

Criminals Triple B-45 emoluments, Manafort, Gates, Popadopolous, etc. Election tampering and vote rigging.  I only have room for a billion words on this blog site so I can't list all of the reasons.

You'll hear me say this again and again, I am not a liberal, I am not a Democrat or Conservative...I am simply a common sense Human Being with eyes to see and ears to hear. I'm not trying to be controversial, I just can't understand why *37% of people can't see or don't care to see what's right in front of them.

I know people (friends of mine) that blame Obama for the 2008 collapse of the economy. Instead of the truthful history of him actually saving America from complete economical can you have a conversation with someone like that? If you show them proof it's "Fake News".

This has actually answered a question I've had for 5 decades of my life,....How was Hitler able to succeed and become the huge national force that he became?. Best I can surmise is, *37% of every population, demographic, race and creed are complete uniformed, moronic idiots that are sure to the bone that they have the scoop and everybody else is wrong. Even when met with the facts, they won't budge. So when 110 million eligible voters don't come out to cast their ballet...tyranny reigns.

I'm dumbfounded by this. I've voted in every election since my 18th birthday.. across all parties.

This time and for the first time, you could install a pigmy lemur as the democratic choice and I would vote for it over anyone that the LCTC Party puts up.

There is a Solution.

VOTE; Louie Gohmert & Judge Roy Moore 2020...         

Why suffer the slow walk to oblivion, treat it like                  a  Band-Aid and rip it off quick.

Republicans love presidents from Texas and why not a VP from that bastion of segregation & corruption, Alabama. You know, that state where Governor Robert Bentley rather than face impeachment or jail, resigned in disgrace. The kicker is..before Bentley leaves office he appoints the Attorney General of Alabama Luther Strange as U.S. Senator fulfilling a promise not to be prosecuted by Strange for his crimes. Oh! and let's not forget his Republican House Speaker, Michael G. Hubbard, who was convicted of ethics crimes.

You don't have the time and I don't have the space to continue down this road. Of course no rich white men ever go to prison. Especially in the Bible Belt.

Had enough Yet? Good.

Let's make sure we get these bill boards out and start the movement.

KJ O'Coin

*not a scientific value. Appears often in polls not associated with each other.