The Downward Spiral of Morality                                             August 15, 2018

      It's obvious at this point for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that 30 years of defunding  the education system has produced some repulsive tendencies that are slowly and in some cases quickly eroding any sense of morality and critical thinking. 

    This is true for the West. But what I saw the other day from an account connected to the Saudi Royal Court, who published this image, was outrageous. 

    This picture is despicable and should outrage the entire Muslin and non Muslim world alike. Not to mention that they just admitted on twitter, for the whole world to see, their complete complicity in the 911 attacks,...

-but we all knew that was the case anyway.-

    Every normal, moral thinking human was shocked and paralyzed into disbelief on September 11, 2001. To have this disgusting depiction of an event that so shocked the world, proves a point of belief that I've held for some time now. 

    Human beings through an evolutionary misstep were given awareness and have become a garbage species. Nature created a being apart from itself - to destroy itself. The planet has been trying to expel us ever since. No religion or as "Maher puts it", Bronze Age myth can change that. 

    I think it's finally time to start marginalizing some of these rogue Theocracies. I am quite proud of Justin for stepping up and showing that finally, he is his Father's Son.

KJ O'Coin


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