Democrats To Blame                                                                                         September 5, 2018

Make no mistake about it. The Democratic Party is heavily responsible for the loss of America. It's done now with the confirmation of Kavanaugh. Women will now lose all of their protections and much more. 

I never knew who this guy was, but certainly didn't have to look very far to see his a member of the LCTC Party he didn't disappoint. He's not at the podium for 5 seconds before the lies started to spew about how no one in world history has ever worked harder than Triple B-45 on the vetting process of him (Kavanaugh). Like 45 has ever read or retained anything...he doesn't even notice when memos are removed from his desk. Ya know why?, because if you haven't read what is in front of you..there is no memory to notice it missing. 

The actual fact is that Triple B-45 doesn't care to learn or has a mental disorder that won't allow him to. We certainly didn't need Mattis to tell us Triple B-45 has the intelligence level of a 5th or 6th grader. This guy has absolutely ZERO attention to detail. This has never been more apparent than his CBP/CBC imbecilic mix up. Anyway, this is the LCTC Party's Dear Leader. They must be so proud. 

Back to the larger fault of the Democrats. I submit to you that the spineless and inept males in the party have allowed the highly capable women in the party to get smeared and marginalized by a colossal ocean of lies from the LCTC's to the point of being forced into irrelevance in the minds of the electorate. This is a Sin..the Sin of Cowardice.

I have watched for almost 30 years now, as one of the most, probably the most capable, wisest and experienced woman in political history was debased and lied about. How did President Obama put it.....Oh yeah, "she's wicked smart".

This fear and cowering by the Dems men has now moved on to the party's best political operative and fundraiser and has allowed her to become a pariah in the eyes of the voters. The mere mention of her name has caused Democratic candidates to lose their elections. Where is the protection and cover from the men in the Party? this is an outrage!.

Unfortunately the LCTC's are so practiced and perfect, I might also add, overt at this that it is an embarrassment to watch.

A good example is when LCTC's McCarthy admits they put the Benghazi hearings together to destroy Hillary's campaign, why weren't the millions of dollars of the people's money spent on those hearings applied to LCTC campaign donations and reported as such? Schumer where are your charging documents for this crime? No they got away with it, like every other crime they commit.

Here's one example of how Dems act, although there are hundreds. Cory Booker at the Kavanaugh hearings about the withheld documents;

"What are we trying to hide"..full stop.

IT'S NOT WE!! - IT'S THEM!!, so Effing say so you limp ass politically correct obsequious toady....This goes for the lot of ya.

Your sitting there afraid to voice the truth that your entire base knows but you're to whiny to do anything about. again a complete outrage.

Okay just one more example.... How the F**k does Texas' Elmer Fudd beat anyone in an election. This guy could possibly be the stupidest man whose ever put on a pair of pants next to Triple B-45.

It's clear, very very clear, the incompetence of the Democratic operation has allowed the best among you to become marginalized because of their weakness and impotence.

Schumer, you need to step down.

It pains me to say this, but Nancy you have to also. This is not from any fault of your own, but because the spineless men in your party have allowed your reputation to become irreparably tainted.

We can't take any chances this November.

The Court is lost for the next 20 years if we survive the climate both politically and atmospherically. Triple B-45 will never be prosecuted and the LCTC crime spree cannot be allowed to continue.

KJ O'Coin

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