COME ON PEOPLE! (Supplementation)                                                                   September 21, 2018

Stop talking about this so called Blue Wave...if you don't vote...the Country as you know it, is gone.

The Liars, Cheaters, Thieves and Criminals Party has Gerrymandered and redistricted to the point of a High Art. Of course they don't stop there. Voter suppression is also one of their specialties. Let us explain this in terms you can understand.

The Democrats have to turn out 15% more voters than the LCTC party just to have a tie in any election. For those of you who don't have your Grade 5 ..., that means,                                                                     

                                        115000 Democrat votes = 100000 LCTC Party votes. 

                                                                              How's That Blue Wave Lookin Now??

The criminality of this LCTC Party is unmatched in history and led by the most corrupt person that has ever held the office.

I can't understand why any moral, level headed human would ever vote for an LCTC Candidate...I'm lost.

Hey Trump Supporters; You think you know him because you've watched a couple of episodes of his fictional T.V. show -ask any New Yorker about him.. He lost the New York Vote 10% to 90%..what's that tell you? They know him, they've lived with him for over 45 years.

So Women, get used to hearing this again and again the next time you try to voice an opinion...

Oh dear..don't worry your pretty little head, go back into the kitchen and make dinner, let the men talk amongst themselves.


KJ O'Coin 

COME ON PEOPLE!                                                                                           September 20, 2018

What's Going On! Al Franken had to go away because of an inane photo he was in.. COME ON PEOPLE!... he was a comedian on Saturday Night Live when that was taken, not a senator for gosh sakes and certainly not running for a lifetime position on the Court.

At least Democrats give the illusion of standing with women by disposing of the effective Al Franken.

So let's get this straight, you have a man in the Oval Office credibly accused by at least 16 women of sexual misconduct, you have the LCTC party trying to run an accused pedophile for senate in Alabama, "thank the Lord for Black women" he didn't get elected, and you have this guy running for the Supreme Court. Ya see, sexual assault is obviously not a deal breaker for the LCTC Party. They have proven this over and over again. 

So women need to wake up. There needs to be 100 Pink Pussy Hats sitting behind Ms. Ford in solidarity when she testifies in front of these geriatric LCTC senators Hatch and Drucker.

Remember to sit still while doing it so TIME magazine can get a good shot for their next cover photo.

Rbg and Gloria Steinem spent their lives as trail blazers for women ...get off your effing iphones and fight or you'll lose everything they fought for. Wait till Triple B-45 takes away your right to vote once he owns the Supreme Court.

Alarmist...I don't think so. Triple B-45 is going to declassify documents for Putin, so he can see how the US intelligence agencies do their investigations. That's probably what they talked about in Helsinki...Enough time has passed now as not to draw suspicion.

I keep harkening back to the words of the most honorable, truthful and brave person in fictional history, "seize the time"

It's obvious that the LCTC party is all about preserving their criminal empire even if they have to take away women's rights to do it.

COME ON PEOPLE!...does anyone actually believe this Kavanaugh thing didn't happen?

In our blog post "Democrats to Blame" dated September 5, 2018...

" He's not at the podium for 5 seconds before the lies started to spew about how no one in world history has ever worked harder than Triple B-45 on the vetting process"

That's not all, he lied in his 2006 Senate hearing to Leahy....he lied about not knowing about stolen/hacked e-mails even though the subject line said "Spying" and in the body of an e-mail saying that they have a mole in the Democratic caucus. COME ON PEOPLE!

This guy shouldn't be on any court much less the highest one in the land. The Democrats have to announce that if the LCTC Party confirms this guy...they will impeach him once they take control of the House...If they take control of the house. We know how Polls don't predict anymore.

Oh, and by the way..Triple B-45 says the economy is the best it's ever been in history. So for all of you Americans living paycheck to paycheck and working 3 jobs to pay your bills...this is the best it will ever be for you....Enjoy.

KJ O'Coin  


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